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Lejay Lagoute has created the iconic Original Crème de Cassis in 1841. Thanks to Auguste-Denis Lagoute.

Maison BUSNEL was founded in 1820 in the heart of the Pays d’Auge in Normandy, France, and produces a wide range of apple made spirits renowned for their high quality.

First marketed in 1830, ST RAPHAËL Quinquina is an iconic French Aperitif that has maintained its popularity through the decades thanks to its unique flavours and cult advertising campaigns.

SAINT-VIVANT is a Gascony Armagnac produced in Condom in South-West France, protected by a ‘AOC’ certification since 1936, renowned for the bottle’s slanted neck.

FLORANIS (also known as Anis Gras) was first created in 1872 in Alger, Algeria, by the Gras brothers, who decided to market the Anisette recipe that had been in their family for generations.

DUVAL Pastis is the heir to the oldest aniseed distillery in France, which was founded in 1798, and draws on over 220 years of expertise.

La Martiniquaise

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Welcome to the website of LA MARTINIQUAISE

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