A wide portfolio of brands

The success story of this independent, family-run French Group comes down to the strength of its brands. Proud to have a wide portfolio of international brands, the Group continues to develop in the rest of the world whilst maintaining its strong roots in Europe.

In late 2018, the Group acquired the iconic international Scotch Whisky brand CUTTY SARK, founded in 1923, further strengthening its presence in the Scotch Whisky category, with annual sales of almost 5 million liters.

Long-term strategy focuses on international development of its strategic brands: millionaire brands (LABEL 5 & SIR EDWARD’s Scotch Whisky, POLIAKOV Vodka…), 2 category leaders (PORTO CRUZ and SAINT JAMES Rhum Agricole), fast-growing Speyside Single Malt GLEN MORAY and PERLINO Prosecco.

A proud testament to its French roots, the Group’s wide portfolio also include “Craft From France Spirits” located in the heart of their terroirs, such as Saint James rhum in Martinique, Lejay Lagoute in Dijon, Burgundy, Generous gin, or Busnel producing Calvados and whiskies in Normandy. The Group success is also driven by local stars such as OLD NICK Rum in France, PETERMAN Genever in Belgium or GIRO Gin in Spain.

Over the last years, La Martiniquaise has been developing its non alcoholic branch in order to cover all the moments of consumption. The acquisition of KIDIBUL is a main step forward to show our ambition.

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