DUVAL Pastis is the heir to the oldest aniseed distillery in France, which was founded in 1798, and draws on over 220 years of expertise.


DUVAL Pastis

20 cl | 50 cl | 70 cl | 100 cl | 150 cl | 200 cl

DUVAL Pastis is renowned for its unique recipe and subtle flavour combining notes of aniseed, liquorice and aromatic plants.


DUVAL Pastis is an authentic Pastis de Marseille produced using traditional methods passed on by its founders. It is produced from a subtle blend of star anise and liquorice, combined with a bouquet of aromatic plant and spice essences. 220 years of experience and unique savoir faire result in DUVAL’s authentic flavour, subtlety and refreshing qualities. It can be served as a long drink topped up with 5-7 measures of chilled water or as an ingredient in cocktails.