Our values

As a producer, we are deeply committed to respecting tradition and promoting sustainable development. We have been investing to build a leading industrial force, which is at the heart of our philosophy of achieving high quality and making it available to all.
2022 will be highly challenging with a complex and uncertain international environment and a historic increase in raw material prices. As an independent group of companies, we will show agility, resilience, and a great capacity for adaptation. In this very competitive environment, we will continue to work with our partners to build leading brands to deliver strong emotional value and perfectly meet the needs of our clients.
I would like to warmly thank all our teams from France Metropolitan and Overseas, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Benelux for their commitment. We will continue to write our history and stay united behind our values.



Writing our history and making decisions with complete independence, for the long-term benefit of the Group.

Having complete control over the production process is essential for LA MARTINIQUAISE-BARDINET. This has been a key part of the Group’s identity since its creation in 1934. LA MARTINIQUAISE-BARDINET is an independent, family-run Group, and a key player in the wine and spirits industry, distinguished by its complete control over the production process and the sale of its products, thanks to the development of close commercial relationships with its international partners.


Responsible consumption and sustainable development as a mission. We promote responsible drinking and prevention. For us it is intrinsically linked to our passion for W&S with the desire to value expertise, craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Protecting the environment is our top priority. We talk the talk but more importantly we walk the walk with a strong commitment in all our key production sites through saving energy and water resources, reducing waste & transport, recycling & even producing renewable energy.

We are also engaged locally in developing cultural heritage and wines and spirits tourism.

Expertise & Passion

PASSION for entrepreneurship & passion for Wines & Spirits. We continue the legacy of our founder Jean Cayard, a passionate entrepreneur, and a real game changer in our industry. Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages to think out of the box while looking to the future with a challenging spirit.

Commitment and pride of all our people to excellence and continuous investments to build a leading industrial force. We are first and foremost producers bringing together more than 30 state-of-the-art production sites located at the heart of the production regions. We strive to control the production process especially on 3 main families: Scotch Whiskies / Ports, Brandies & Wines / Rhums and Craft from France Spirits.

We have an agile and decentralized organization that enables each person to make its mark.

We are dedicated to listening to consumers & customers and making them the focus of our business and creative process.

Our large portfolio of beverages gives us a global understanding of the consumer evolving demand and the agility to shape our brands for future growth.

Listening & Agility

Listening to consumers, customers and partners is at the heart of our business model. We are an agile and responsive company, always looking for tomorrow’s trends.


To be open-minded, to integrate different backgrounds and cultures and address to all.

We believe in diversity. We are open to the world & outward looking.