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LABEL 5 FOLLOWERS WILL PICK NEXT YEAR’S LIMITED EDITION! Scotch Whisky LABEL 5 empowers its digital community by giving them the opportunity to choose the design of next year’s street art limited edition. This summer, LABEL 5 launched the « The Power of 5 World Tour ». Five renowned street artists created five graffiti artworks […]

LABEL 5 LAUNCHES INTERNATIONAL STREET ART ACTIVATION La Martiniquaise-owned Scotch Whisky brand brings together leading graffiti artists in five global cities as part of its ‘Power of 5’ campaign LABEL 5 will launch a bold new campaign this summer, bringing together five leading street artists from key cities around the globe to create a series of unique […]

THE POWER OF 5 CAMPAIGN, AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING FORCE Launched at the end of last year as a real step up from previous campaigns, the new LABEL 5 communication already proves to be a success. Focusing on values of Group Power and togetherness in an urban scenery, The Power of 5 expresses in a human […]

LABEL 5 INTRODUCES “HIGH 5”, ITS NEW DIGITAL CAMPAIGN! An international and innovative operation to share a drink worldwide LABEL 5 Scotch Whisky has launched a new international campaign called “HIGH 5: Say cheers to the world”. Fun and innovative, HIGH 5 is the first digital platform that allows people to virtually share a drink […]

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