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Rum is an important sector for the LA MARTINIQUAISE Group, whose expertise in the category dates back to the very start of the Group, and which is now led by key Rum brands such as NEGRITA, OLD NICK and RIVIÈRE DU MÂT, as well as our wide selection of Martinique AOC “Rhums Agricoles” (SAINT JAMES, DEPAZ, DILLON and BALLY). The Group’s strong presence in the French Antilles, in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Marie-Galante, and on Reunion island, makes it a key international player in the category.

Unrivalled influence and expertise in the Rum industry

The LA MARTINIQUAISE Group has considerable presence in the international Rum industry. The Group has continually invested in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Reunion island. The sites in the French Antilles are today fully integrated, enabling complete control of the production of Rums. The Group owns cane fields, distillation sites and ageing cellars in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Reunion island. With seven environmentally friendly distilleries, over 850 hectares of cane in Martinique, 950 hectares of cane in Guadeloupe, and numerous warehouses, the Group actively contributes to the development of spirits tourism in these areas.

Key figures

No. 1
"Rhum Agricole" in the world with SAINT JAMES
No. 1
for Rum in France
distilleries in the world


Because the definition of Rum is so broad, sometimes it’s difficult to get your bearings. Although we have detailed specifications for the Martinique AOC created in 1997, the same cannot be said for the rest of the Rum category, which is primarily made up of industrial Rums using molasses. What makes Martinique Agricole Rums unique is their adherence to specifications that favour Rum produced without sugar, additives nor colourants. Martinique “Rhums Agricoles” like SAINT JAMES use the juice of fresh sugarcane cut the very day. With no added sugar nor additives, these Rums are rich in flavour and stand out for their marked plant aromas that are so typical of Agricole Rum.

Marc SASSIER Master Oenologist for SAINT JAMES Agricole Rhum and President of the Martinique AOC

The latest edition of the prestigious International Mixology Competition created by the Group, The Bartenders Society in October 2022, focused on the latest cocktail fashions. 28 candidates from all over the world and more than 15 countries competed for 1st place in this competition presided over by an exceptional jury including Matthias GIROUD, international head bartender at Bouddha Bar, and Ian BURRELL, International Rum Ambassador. This year’s prize went to Manuel Fernandez Atienza, a young Belgian bartender with great potential.

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