• Inheriting savoir-faire that dates back to 1820 in Cormeilles, in the very heart of the most renowned part of Normandy, the Pays d'Auge, the BUSNEL distillery produces and ages exceptional Calvados. The BUSNEL distillery is the world's leading Calvados exporter.

    Available in 70 cl bottles, 40% vol.

    BUSNEL AOC Pays d’Auge
    Available in 5 cl, 20 cl, 50 cl and 70 cl bottles, 40% vol.

    BUSNEL VSOP Pays d’Auge
    Available in 5 cl, 50 cl, 70 cl (in a case or tin) and 1.5 l bottles, 40% vol.

    BUSNEL "Hors d’Age" & "XO"
    Available in 50 cl, 70 cl and magnum bottles, 40% vol.

    BUSNEL "Hors d'Age" carafe
    Available in 70 cl carafe, 40% vol.

    BUSNEL Rare 20-year-old carafe
    Available in 70 cl carafe, 42% vol.

    BUSNEL AOC Normandy Pommeau
    Available in 70 cl bottle, 17% vol.

Carefully, calmly and precisely, BUSNEL's distillers and cellar masters distil and blend traditional Calvados using their unique expertise. Patient and persistent, they know that a product with such a fine ancestry deserves special attention and thorough care over a number of years.

When you taste BUSNEL Calvados, you discover unique spirits that combine balance, carefully judged proportions and harmonious flavours.

BUSNEL AOC Fine and AOC Pays d'Auge
Blends aged for more than 2 years.
A rounded bouquet with woody and fruity aromas and an almond note in the finish.
A Calvados to share with friends on any occasion.

A harmonious blend aged for more than 4 years.
A delicate woody touch and several fruity notes. To be enjoyed as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink.

BUSNEL "Hors d’Age" & "XO"
Blends aged for more than 4 years.
Well-balanced Calvados, rich in character with rare generosity and refined fig notes.
To be enjoyed after dinner.

BUSNEL Hors d'Age and Rare 20-year-old carafe
Prestigious and very rare Calvados. Aged for over 20 years, they are presented in a luxurious carafe to bring out their delicious bouquet to the full. For connoisseurs.

BUSNEL AOC Normandy Pommeau
A traditional Normandy drink (2/3 pure apple juice and 1/3 Calvados) with a fruity, slightly woody flavour. To be enjoyed chilled as an aperitif or with dessert.

    • Calvados can be enjoyed either as an aperitif or after dinner.