POLIAKOV success story relies upon its unique awarded quality and its powerful universe of extreme cold and infinite space. It is made from the finest grains and distilled three times for unique purity.

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POLIAKOV Premium Vodka

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POLIAKOV Vodka is made exclusively from grains. Its triple distillation gives it unique purity and extreme freshness.

Key figures

13 M
litres globally
Top 5
Vodka in Western Europe
in France


Made exclusively from a selection of pure grains, POLIAKOV Vodkas are 100% ‘pure grain’. The grains are germinated, crushed then fermented using yeast to turn the sugar into alcohol. Distillation in column stills is essential to obtain extreme purity and finesse: POLIAKOV Vodka Standard is distilled three times and POLIAKOV Vodka Silver five times. Then comes charcoal filtration to remove the final impurities before reduction of the alcohol levels and bottling.