The success story of POLIAKOV is based on its unique quality and its powerful world of extreme cold. Made from the best wheat grains and distilled three times, it offers a perfect blend of purity and freshness.

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POLIAKOV Premium Vodka

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POLIAKOV Premium Vodka is a perfect blend of purity and freshness. Heir to the ancestral knowledge of traditional distillers, it is made exclusively from a selection of the best soft wheat grains. Its slow triple distillation gives it a crystalline colour with with a pineapple and tropical fruits and subtle bouquet.

Key figures

14 M
litres globally
Top 5
Vodka in Western Europe
No. 1
in France


Made exclusively from a selection of pure grains, POLIAKOV Vodkas are 100% ‘pure grain’.

The grains are germinated, crushed then fermented using yeast to turn the sugar into alcohol. Distillation in column stills is essential to obtain extreme purity and finesse: POLIAKOV Vodka Standard is distilled three times and POLIAKOV Vodka Silver five times.

Then comes charcoal filtration to remove the final impurities before reduction of the alcohol levels and bottling.