Since 1897, GLEN MORAY Single Malt Scotch Whisky has always remained one of the most highly-regarded Speyside Single Malts.

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GLEN MORAY Elgin Classic

35 cl | 70 cl | 75 cl | 100 cl | 175 cl

The younger malty flavours of butterscotch and lemongrass are allowed to shine in this wonderfully light Whisky.

Key figures

1st Single Malt released at the distillery
growth over the last 5 years
brand of Single Malt in the UK market in 2018


As a Single Malt, Glen Moray is distilled in pot stills entirely by our distillery from water and only malted barley since 1897. Carefully matured in American oak casks sourced from North America. The result is a typical Single Malt from Speyside, soft and fruity with a large range which appeals to all consumers looking for a true story. Over the years, the Glen Moray Distillery has built an exceptional portfolio of Speyside Single Malt. The marriage of our spirit and oak is something which is closely watched over during the years of maturation. We source a wide and varied range of casks which allow our whiskies to mature in styles such as port pipes, sherry butts and chardonnay barrels.